Monday, 17 February 2014

DIY Lace Shoes

If your anything like me then you will love shoes, I mean who doesn't! I can honestly admit I have a bit of an obsession! I can't really remember the first time I tried a pair of high heels but I bet it was funny. Strutting around in your mums heels! My other obsession is definately being a crafty person, I like to transform anything I can into something that's my own, whether I'm creating something from scratch, wearing a cardigan backwards as a top or adding a crafty touch to something I've bought. There's definately nothing more humiliating than going out and someone's wearing the same outfit as you! Not a good look!

So I decided to do something with these nice cream heels, I bought these from eBay for a cheap £6. I have only worn them once as there slightly too big for me, typical! So they have been sat in my closet for months doing nothing. I took it upon my self to come up with ideas that make them look unique but in season. I didn't want to replicate something I had seen, I just wanted to create something that would transform them and increase there value and appearance; but on a budget.

My final choice was to create some heels that I don't have, that would challenge myself within DIY Fashion and look completely different to the originals. As you can see in the above images I applied lace all over the shoes and added a black trim around the shoes. The trim makes them look very high quality, it's always the smallest details that create the most impressive look. As you can see they also have a red sole, this will always add value to your shoes! 

To do this you will need

Shoes - eBay - £6
Lace - Craft Store - 0.5 Metres £2.25
Black Trim - I used black elastic as it had a very silky shine - Craft Store - 3 Metres £2.10
Soft material to line the inside on the shoes - Already Owned - You can use any type of material just make sure it's soft
Cuticle stick and some tweezers - Already Owned - You can purchase these from most drugstores if you don't own them.
All Purpose Glue or Fabric Glue - Crafts Store - £2.00
Black sharpie or permanent Marker - Already Owned - You can purchase these from most Craft or Homewear Stores if you don't own them.

TOTAL = £12.25

1. Wrap the shoe in the material
2. Apply the glue to attach the lace
3. Roll over the glue to seal
4. Apply material to line the inside of the shoe
5. Glue the trim to the edges
6. Ta daaa...

If you like this DIY please let me know what you think to these shoes and whether you would buy these in a store or any thoughts you have on this DIY. Please checkout my YouTube Page on my blog that demonstrates this DIY and a number of different DIY Projects in detail. 

Lots of Love


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