Monday, 13 October 2014

How To | Blonde Highlights at Home

Do you ever get tired of paying the price to have a bit of dye put into your hair. I think highlights have got to be one of the most annoying factors of having slightly darker hair than you would like. My hair has darkened over the years, mainly because I dyed my hair from a very light blonde to the darkest brown there is. Although I have not dyed my hair for quite some time and recently I have had an urge to do something with it. I get very bored very easily, I like to change up my look. The thought of brown had crossed my mind or I would definitely like to try pink but for my profession its probably not wise. I made the decision to lighten my hair but instead of going to a salon which yes sounds like a more easier option, I wanted to test if I could dye my hair at home myself. I have dyed my hair so many times with a box dye, however they are a block colour and I wanted a bit more texture in my hair. I have a golden caramel colour going on at the moment and wanted to lighten my hair but keep them caramel tones. 

There are two ways to do highlights at home, use foils or a hair cap. I think a hair cap would be the easiest option as you just put the cap on and pull pieces of hair through the holes in the cap; and then you just apply the dye on to the cap. Sounds pretty easy right. Although I had one problem, I didn't have a cap and couldn't find one anywhere. I think they only sell them in professional beauty stores like Sally's. However I did have foil, who doesn't in their kitchen. This is something I have never tried before, but how hard could it be. I am the type of person to try different things and with a box dye it seemed very self explanatory. So I had everything I needed to highlight my hair, majority of the tools are easily found somewhere in your house. The only thing you need is your dye, I choose a box dye kit as they are super easy to use and everything is done for you. All you have to do is mix the solution and your good to go.

You will need

A Box Hair Dye 
A Comb
A Hair Clip
A Towel 
Face Wipes

Please checkout the video tutorial now live on my Youtube Channel for an in-depth look into how I brightened up my hair for under £10, better than your average salon price of £30-£100. If you like this tutorial and my other videos please rate and subscribe and leave any comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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