Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Product Review: Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara

I have been looking for a good mascara for some time, I picked up this Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara after pondering in super drug for while, I had ran out that morning so it was crunch time. I am not a fan of mascaras with big brushes as mascara gets everywhere and they do not define your lashes. 

After speaking with the Sales Advisor for some time, she informed me that these Rimmel Mascaras are very popular. I have always had a huge crush when it comes to Rimmel products, but it was a difficult choice to make as these mascaras are wrapped in a plastic film with no tester. When it comes to mascaras I love to have a look at one before I buy it so I can see what the brush is like and how good the product is. Unfortunately I couldn't do that with this mascara but I decided to give it ago anyway as the Sales Advisor sung it praises and I have a lot of trust in Rimmel products.

I hate to say it but my trust has been shaken, this is probably one of my most hated mascaras I have every purchased. It retails at £4.99 which is not a lot for a mascara, but if the product is unusable then purchasing something at a penny is waste of money. It is not the price of this product is, its the quality.

As a Rimmel product it comes in a nicely designed and easy to use casing which isn't a surprise, however when you open the mascara there is no suction to the opening of the mascara, leaving the brush is full of product. The opening is the same size as the rest of the tube so when your apply your mascara it clumps up your lashes terribly because there is too much product on the brush. 

I would not advise anyone to purchase this product if they are looking for a new mascara, however I do have a love for Rimmel products and that has not changed. 

I am still on the look out for good mascara so leave your favourites below.


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